Kaya John, Author

When Live Sends You Lemons, Make LENNONAID

What John Lennon’s Life Did For Mine


Maureen Pietoso: Tell us a little about yourself, and feel free to share something that few people know. 

Kaya John: Few people know that I grew up in an abusive family. My mother had schizophrenia. and my father sexually abused me. I overcame this traumatic upbringing through healing. The Beatles music and John Lennon’s work were instrumental to my healing process. I think that people may find it interesting to read that my spiritual journey involved some extraordinary experiences. For example, I was able to heal the fractured relationship with my father after he had passed on.

In spite of a traumatic childhood, I grew up to find great joy in life. I have been happily married for 29 years to my loving husband, Rob. We share a passion for music, animals, and having fun. We have three rescue pets whom we lovingly refer to as our fur kids. In fact, our sensitivity regarding the plight of all animals has led us toward a vegan path. Ultimately, I’m hoping that my story can help my readers realize that they too can overcome life’s lemons.

Maureen Pietoso: The genre of your book is autobiographical with a Lennon twist.  When did you become aware that The Beatles and John Lennon were having a profound impact on your life?

Kaya John: My life began to change when the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. The Beatles taught me about a world of love. In response, I wanted to make a difference for others. I believe we are connected as one.

I remain hopeful even now about the future. In 2018, we can see that sexual abuse in our world is purging. I believe it is important to understand that good will come of this, and not be afraid.

Maureen Pietoso: There have been a lot of books written about the Beatles and John Lennon. What is different about your book?

Kaya John: I talk to The Beatles fans in a more personal way. The discussion involves a deeper look at the spiritual teachings in the work of The Beatles and John & Yoko too. For readers who aren’t Beatles fans, my book is definitely an abuse survivor’s story on healing. I feel that it is important to explore feelings such as pain and anger, but without getting stuck in the mire. I found joy through the music of the Beatles, but there are a lot of other avenues such as the love of animals and nature.

I am asking people to feel and to understand the significance of giving forgiveness in a way that honors yourself. When we forgive someone, it releases pain. I was able to forgive while having unwavering self-love. I would never let someone hurt me like that again.

Maureen Pietoso: What led you to despair, and then to a transformation?

Kaya John: My life up unto the age of eleven was pretty dark. During the first Ed Sullivan show, I had this moment of connecting with John. In a blast of white light, I realized that he was concerned with bringing higher consciousness to the planet through peace and love. I absorbed that instantly and was changed forever.

In addition, The Beatles music offset what was happening in my home. When my parents were screaming at each other or after my mother finished screaming at me, I could go into my room and play this music and dance and sing. I could feel good, and thus began my journey of self-change.

My journey also involved therapy, living in a spiritual community and meditating. I now have a love filled marriage for almost 30 years, great friends through the love of the Beatles and a life full of beautiful fun experiences.

Maureen Pietoso: How did you manage to keep your childhood memories fresh during your writing process?

Kaya John: Regarding my memories, I seem to have a very good natural memory and through therapy was able to recall abuse that had been repressed. I believe that repressed memories create compulsions so dealing with our issues is a better route.

Maureen Pietoso: Tell us about Lennon, and how he inspired you…

Kaya John: On the global level, John Lennon represents the changing of the planet to love-based. The Beatles were the heralds of the changes coming to the planet. John and Yoko’s dramatic events presented us with teachings about tolerance for all humans. The music was the best ever and the lyrics were full of wisdom.

Lennon revealed himself totally to us. He created a personal relationship with everyone. Unlike so many celebrities, he shared with us his human flaws and insecurities. He represented all of us and the needed changes to make the planet a better place. His intention was always the highest while he worked on himself.

Maureen Pietoso: Do you have any thoughts on how John Lennon’s family might react to your work? Have you known any of the Lennon family during your lifetime?

Kaya John: My highest intention is that John’s family would receive the book as a gift of admiration and gratitude.

I was fortunate enough to meet Yoko briefly and was truly struck by the solidity and power emanating from her petite body. I spent time on several occasions with Sean during his childhood. He was delightful.

Maureen Pietoso: What have your experiences been as a new Indie author? Any advice for future authors?

Kaya John: My writing so far is being very well-received and I am having exciting opportunities coming my way. Any advice would be to remain resilient, committed and compelled.

Maureen Pietoso: What has been the best compliment you have received so far on your book?

Kaya John: I have received many kind reactions to my writing, but here are a few that I’ll share:

Your book has helped me with my own emotions and I’m only on page 63.” Nora Miller

Your book is brave and very powerful. I love your writing style. It is real, no-nonsense, refreshing!” Judy Belutty

It is an insightful, entertaining and inspiring book that is easy to read. Reading this ignited my desire to be a better person.” Sara Beth Force

Maureen Pietoso: What are your plans for the future as a writer? 

Kaya John: I would love to be a writer for the rest of my life. I have been told by several intuitives that I will write other books. My intention is that they would be part of the bigger plan to make this world a much better place. It

Maureen Pietoso:  If people want to purchase your book, tell them how to find this unique story….

Kaya John: When Life Sends You Lemons Make Lennonaid can be ordered at my website: kayajohn.com through PayPal or Balboa Press.

It is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. I always have a few copies with me. 


  1. Nice interview Maureen & Kaya. Although I read snippets of it I am looking forward to reading the whole book. I relate to a lot of what you say & feel!!!


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