Weeklings Cover Design by Anthony Parisi
Weeklings Cover Design by Anthony Parisi

   By Maureen Daye – 

The Weekings are a highly entertaining  band that has popped on the radar.  They just released a debut CD that was well-received, and  performed at the Fest for Beatles Fans on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

Their personalities are revealed in a special interview  in Aftershow Pass, an online multimedia magazine.  Here are some excerpts from the interviews with each member of the group. A link to the complete interview can be found at the end of the article.

Meet Lefty Weekling, aka Glen Burtnik

Asbury Park, New Jersey, a Mecca in the music world

AP:  We would like to know about your pseudonym name – Lefty?  You mentioned at a previous practice in Asbury Park that you are a lefty, but what about politically?  Are the band’s pseudonym names a nod to the Traveling Wilbury’s?

LW:  I am left-handed. Zeek loves the flavor of Wildberries, so he might’ve lifted the idea, it’s unclear. Politically, I am moderately left on most issues, however vehemently either direction, depending on the issue.

AP:  Your professional music history includes performing Beatles covers in Liverpool, and playing Paul McCartney in the original Beatlemania.  How does such regular work impact your work today?  You play with such enthusiasm for The Beatles songs… Are you as enthused for the Beatles as 50 years ago?

LW: I’m as enthused as ever. And I’ve been around the block. I was in Beatlemania and Rain (for years). I have worked with the Fab Faux (subbing for two members). I’ve presented my annual Beatles Bash at the State Theatre in New Brunswick and have appeared at countless BeatleFests as a member of Liverpool. And still, and forever, I am in awe of the music by the four-headed monster.

Zeek Weekling, aka Bob Burger

Eatontown, New Jersey, a stone’s throw (or maybe two) from Asbury Park, music Mecca.

AP: Will the Weeklings keep on writing originals that are about love, or can we expect to hear some topical originals that include serious and/or political subjects in the future?

ZW: I don’t see us writing about serious and/or political subjects in the near future. Those tend to not be as much fun as what we are doing now, and this band really is about fun and the joy of love and music. Maybe on our 10th record. Or maybe after we break up.  

AP: Franco Pietoso, Co-Publisher of Aftershow Pass said that you took painstaking efforts to duplicate the recording techniques of the Beatles early recordings. He asked whether you recorded the CD digitally or analog? If it was analog, did the band use tape?  

ZW: Yes. The individual tracks were recorded digitally, and then mastered onto analog tape.


Rocky, aka John Merjave

Brooklyn, NY, a boro of New York, with an active music scene, too!

AP: Half the songs are unreleased Beatles covers on the new CD. You have had many years performing in the Beatles band, Liverpool, the house band at the Fest for Beatles Fans. Who is your favorite Beatle, and why?

RW: As a kid, I never thought of that at all, I just loved The Beatles. As I got older, and started analyzing and performing their music, I would lean toward Paul because of the brilliance of his songwriting. But then I started getting deep into Lennon’s solo work, especially “Plastic Ono Band” and “Double Fantasy”. After joining Liverpool, I immersed myself into George’s guitar style, solo career and Indian influences. Also, being a frustrated drummer at heart, Ringo certainly defined what a rock drummer should be…and he sang, too! So, I guess I got it right as a kid: They’re ALL my favorites!

AP: What would people be surprised to learn about you here regarding your personal music history?

RW: My dad bought my first guitar, but I didn’t immediately gravitate toward it. I REALLY wanted to be a drummer…I wanted to be Peter Criss (of KISS). So, one Christmas, my parents caved and bought me a drum set. I played drums, religiously, from seventh grade through sophomore year of high school, and I got pretty good, too. In fact, my first “paying” gig was on drums when I was in seventh grade. My fee: two Quarter Pounders with Cheese!


Ramblin Dave Weekling, aka Dave Anthony

Nobody would mistake him for a Rolling Stone – Just a mover and a shaker!

AP:  Tell us about why your pseudonym is Ramblin Dave?  Does it have anything to do with your active life as a musician who also drums for Dennis DeYoung, formerly of Styx?

RDW:  No, I was named “Ramblin Dave” before the DeYoung gig came along. Hmm. This is a good question. Zeek came up with this pseudonym. It’s funny because it really doesn’t describe me at all. I’m a grounded family man. I don’t Ramble at the mouth very much ( well…compared to the other Weeklings. Ha). I think that is what is humorous about the name. Thanks Zeek.

AP:  Franco Pietoso, Co-Publisher of Aftershow Pass would like you to share with us how it feels using Ringo’s drum techniques? If you ever met Ringo, what would you like to ask him?

RDW:  Playing like Ringo is harder than it seems. Technically speaking it’s not tough…he played simply most of the time…but he has a very distinct feel that’s hard to immitate. For example, his shuffles are very interesting…neither swung or straight. Somewhere in between…as I mentioned before, I love his sensibility on how to support a song. I also love his sound. This is a result of the old Ludwigs, but more importantly, his touch and how he was hitting the drums. I’m not sure what I would ask Ringo if I met him. I’d probably ask if  I could buy him a beer.

Click on the link below to read the entire interview:



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